South Coast Chapter Reorganization and Subgroups

NOTICE: May 6, 2015:The South Coast Chapter of Trout Unlimited is reorganizing to include the counties of Los Angeles,Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We are now the largest chapter in the state with over 2,500 members.

We face a challenge in this event to serve all the coldwater coastal watersheds and their fisheries and we need your help.

Obviously, a few volunteers leaders from our base in Orange County cannot possibly serve all the advocacy and on-the-ground issues that our coastal watersheds need.To that end, we will be hosting  to-be-planned future meetings and events to promote sub-groups or "stream teams" to gauge interest to help form these groups.

At a minimum our short-term goal is to form groups in these areas;


1. San Gabriel Mountains: new San Gabriel National Monument/West Fork/East Fork San Gabriel River. Advocacy and future restoration opportunities for ancestral southern steelhead/inland rainbow trout.

2. Topanga, Mailbu, Piru Creeks: support on-going southern steelhead recovery efforts with other groups.

3. Los Angeles River: support Friends of the L.A. River (FOLAR) with other groups for general recreational angling and science data gathering efforts.

4. Ventura County: Ventua River, Sespe Creek and others--general advocacy and on-the-ground southern steelhead watershed restoration.

5. Santa Barbara County: Mission Creek, Santa Ynez River, Santa Maria River and others--general advocacy and on-the ground on-going established southern steelhead restoration with other groups.

The above is a starting outline of watersheds that need our help.Our small group of leaders in OC by no means know all the issues that TU members and anglers know who live in these areas. WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND WILLINGESS TO ORGANIZE AND ASSIST.

Please contact us for info and ideas to start these stream teams;

1. Bob Blankenship, President--South Coast Chapter (SCC) (L.A.County)

2. Jessica Strickland, Public Lands Coordinator/Organizer ( San Gabriel Mts., Ventura, San Barbara) Email:

3. Drew Irby, Membership Chair (all areas) Email:

Please check back for updates as they become available. Thanks.